Met. Monday- Refinished DR Table & Easy Spring Centerpiece

    This area has changed somewhat, however I wanted to show the table that you see so many tablescapes on. I bought this table from a Design Gallery when we lived in Los Angeles in 1970. It is an import from England and I absolutely love it. It is 54" round has 4 leaves that can comfortably seat 10 and 12 in a pinch. Well after 40 years of use, the top had a couple of white places that I couldn't get out and so I always kept it covered with a cloth.

    The time finally came to take it outside and refinish it. Out came the sandpaper and away I went. It is solid oak and boy was it hard to sand the old finish off.

    A new coat of stain and now just waiting for it to dry so I can do the final sanding and then several coats of Poly. I had to hang a drop cloth so the sun wouldn't shine on the table and cause it to bubble or dry too fast. It's not really this dark, but it is a pretty shade of med. dark oak. It matches the chairs perfectly, thank goodness.

    Living with this mess for a week is long enough. However, there are now 6 coats of poly on the table and it just has to finish curing and I can finally put this room back together. See how well the table matches the chairs. I am so happy with the outcome.

    While all the top coats were going on, I thought I would redo the centerpiece to bring in a little spring and sunshine. This is what I had for the fall look.

    It really didn't take much to change it. I removed the brown candle and all the fall foliage and feathers. I was left with a green candle ring from the DT. I took another white candle ring from DT and cut all the berries off and stuck a few in with the green.

    I think I would like a sunflower and maybe a pretty ribbon. So I tied a bow from yellow and green plaid ribbon I got on sale at Michaels. Be sure to watch for those 1/2 off sales.

    Inserted a yellow candle from the DT, placed the sunflower and bow and I have a whole new Spring arrangement.

    Any kind of container would work to do the same thing. I love it when I can take something existing and rework it so easy.

    The dining table is still getting several more coats of Poly. Come back for Tablescape Thurs. I can't wait to do a tablescape without a tablecloth.

    Don't forget about Table Top Tuesday. I will have Mr. Linky up Mon. evening. Also get busy on all those cloches, apothecary jars, birdcages or what ever you have to show us how creative you are for the "Spring Cloche Party" on Apr. 2nd.

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Met. Monday- Refinished DR Table & Easy Spring Centerpiece

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