The Glow of the Afternoon Sun.

    My home is really a sea of beige so I do everything I can to help change that and brighten things up.  The livingroom area is on the west side of the house and gets a lot of sun.  I had been working in the garage and was so dirty that I went straight to the shower, when I got out and came into the kitchen, this is what I saw through the door opening to the LR/DR.  I love the look the sun gives these rooms on this side of the house.

    This room looks so inviting with the bright yellow tones and the glow of the afternoon sun.

    See how bright the sun is.  Love it.  I even have the blinds at a slight angle so the sun won't shine on all the furniture and fade it.

    This is standing in front of the leather chair in the front window and you can see how bright and glorious the sun is in the kitchen and familyroom area too. 

    As you can see, I've changed to header to use a couple of these pics. 

    Just a Blessing from the Lord, adding a little sunshine to my life.  Love it.

    I hope your weekend is full of Sunshine and Blessings too.

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The Glow of the Afternoon Sun.

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