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     Today I am so honored to have Liz @ Savvy Seasons by Liz doing a guest post.  She is such a beautiful lady both inside and out and so gracious to fill in for me while I am gone.
    Liz is a wife and mom to 4 beautiful daughters.  They share a home that she has decorated to perfection.  Every room is stunning and filled with tons of creativity and inspiration.  She has a genius talent at creating beautiful vignettes and displays, and is so gracious that she always shares a tutorial with all the how-to for all her projects.    Thanks again Liz, I appreciate you being such a special guest.

    ~Autumn Wreaths~
    Hi Everyone! Marty has asked me to Guest Post on her blog today, so I thought it would be fun to discuss different ways to use wreaths during the Fall Season.
    Let's discuss exterior wreaths. An exterior wreath really should be water resistant and durable to withstand the weather and elements. For damage-free hanging solutions, I use Command Hooks for all my wreaths. All you do is clean and wipe the surface well, let it dry a few seconds, and stick on your command hook. It's that simple. I used the command hooks to hang my garland and wreaths in the picture below.

    Deco Poly Mesh is another wonderful material to use on exterior doors, because the mesh is water-resistant!      
    Another fun way to decorate the exterior of your home is to add wreaths to perhaps an outdoor fireplace, front door, side door, coach lights etc...

    In the picture below, I decided to make a centerpiece for my outdoor table using a a bird bath for height,and simply placed a fall wreath and pumpkin down on it.
    Windows are another great way to bring a bit of fall into any room. In the picture below, I placed a fall wreath in my Dining Room window. I used a Command Hook, which adheres very nicely to glass. The color and texture add warmth to the space, which I love.

    You can embellish your iron works by adding a wreath to it for the holidays. In this case, all I did was loop some bendable wire through my wreath and tied it to the back of the iron piece, super easy, right? Now I have a focal point for my fall display on the mantle.

    And lastly, wreaths add so much charm to your interior doors and windows. Once again, command hooks are a girl's best friend...they work wonderfully! ;)You can also use wreath hangers as an alternative, however they are more expensive than command hooks, but they sure do look nice and add a nice decorative detail to your doors.
    Thanks for stopping!


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