85th Table Top Tuesday

    Welcome to the 85th Table Top Tuesday.  I am so thrilled you've joined us and really look forward to visiting and seeing what all you've been up to.

    We are in Hawaii having a wonderful time.  I set this to post automatically and I so hope it works.  If not, then ooppppppppps!!!!!  I will make the rounds when we get home.  I am not taking a computer with us, just a time to really relax.  I hope you have been enjoying the fabulous ladies that have been doing guest posts for me.  Aren't they wonderful and don't they have the best blogs in all of blogland!!!!  I knew they would totally inspire you all.

    I keep seeing doughbowls all over blogland and knew that I had one or use to have one.  Just too small a house to have everything out, so there were still a few boxes in the garage that I hadn't been through for a while.  I decided it was time to find out what was there.  I was delighted that I still had the dough bowl.  So of course out it came to play.  As usual I started playing before I took a pic of the bowl, so I took this one to show part of it.  Mine is quite shallow, and doesn't sit level at all, but such a great piece.

    Perfect piece to use for fall decor.

    I filled it with an assortment of pumpkins, gourds, acorns and various foliage and flowers all from the DT or Big Lots.

    I placed it on the breakfast table with a couple of candlesticks. 

    Fun to have it out and use it again. 

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.  Be sure to link up below and also be sure to visit some of the others that have linked up.  You will be so inspired by all of their talent.

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85th Table Top Tuesday

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