New Frenchy Treasures

    Don't you get excited when a package comes in the mail.   I do!!!!!  I have a very special friend that lives half way across the country, and she is so sweet to always think of me when she sees something that she thinks I would like.  Well a package came in the mail this week from her and I was squealing with delight. 

    Look at this tiny little silver goblet filled with the most precious little nest and egg.  It is so perfect with my island vignette and next to my little lamb.

     How precious is this!!!!  I love this lady so much and she is such a dear friend and one of the most thoughtful people in the whole world.

     I also made a trip to GW this week and I think I need an intervention.  I just can't pass up a pretty tray.  This gorgeous one is so detailed and for $4 it was a real steal.

     Look at those pretty feet.  A footed tray is always so elegant looking.

     This little tankard also caught my attention.  Such a pretty handle.  This lovely piece was only $3.

     I was thrilled when I saw this wonderful frenchy tin.  Love the rusty color and all that patina, fabulous.  The scalloped design on the top is gorgeous.  Can't you just see a bunch of sunflowers or lilacs spilling out.  $4 is a real bargain I think.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.

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New Frenchy Treasures

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