Demijohn-Horchow Linens-Polo Handbag

    What does all of this have in common?  Goodwill and a yard sale at a nearby neighborhood of Million Dollar homes.  Gotta' love it!!!

    Goodwill didn't have anything that I couldn't live without except this great find.  A gorgeous demijohn.

     See the price.  Of course I had to have it.  Yip-skip!!!

     Then I saw a yard sale sign at a nearby area that is very upscale.  All of the homes are at least a Million Dollars.  I thought maybe they might have some great finds and I sure was right.  Most things I couldn't afford or use, however I did find a couple of things.  Horchow placemats new in the bag.

                                                      Look how beautiful.  A set of four for $5.

    The detailing is stunning.

                                               Another set of 4 placemats for $5 also

     So pretty and delicate.  Both of these will make fabulous gifts for special people I know.  (I'm still trying to stick to my goal to get all my Christmas shopping done way early.)

     Same yard sale and a fantastic summer handbag.  Brand new with all the tags still on it.

                                                            Another super bargain for $5.

    There were some fabulous designer clothing at this same sale, however I can't wear a size 6 (darnit) and I don't need any evening wear or tennis outfits.  I was hoping to see some furniture or home decor, but none at all.  I still think I found a couple of treasures.

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Demijohn-Horchow Linens-Polo Handbag

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