Did Winter Trash Your Yard?

    One of several trees that bit the dust when we had such cold temps this winter.

     Now I am sure this Starfruit tree is a gonner, however my DH insists that it will come back.  Can you believe I get to look at this for a while.  Yuk, not pretty.

     This is another one that he pruned all the dead stuff off.  Isn't it lovely too. (Not)

     He also thinks that maybe we can salvage this one.  Really?  He's got to be kidding.

     Some things did survive.  The Ponytail palm looks fine.

     The Purple Plum made it too.

     This is the only Rose bush that seems to be thriving, but at least one of them looks healthy.

     With all the dead stuff I just had to find some place to have something to look at.  A trip to the nursery for a few flowers was definitely in order.

     This little Geranium came back from last year.  Gotta love it.

     A few more flowers to fill in where all the bushes died.  I spied another pot so I need to buy more plants.

    Hopefully the DH will give in and just chop all the dead trees and plants down and then we can start fresh with some healthy new ones.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

    Thanks for stopping by.  I always look forward to your visits. 

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Did Winter Trash Your Yard?

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