Met Monday - A little of This and That

    Thanks to the gracious Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch for hosting this wonderful party. I can't wait to see all the before's and after's. Be sure to visit her blog to see a list of all the participants.

    The last 3 weeks have seen a lot of before, during and after going on around here. Not from me, but from my 18 yr. old grandson that has been here visiting. I'll show you what he did at the end. You'll be amazed.

    Now for what I did, not much except cook and try to fill this boy up. lol I did buy another one of these garden stools from Big Lots to revamp for my daughter.

    She wanted a white one, so I got out the spray paint and gave that blue monster a good sanding, then several thin coats of white paint. The final touch that makes it look like really expensive china is several coats of clear gloss. You can't really see the shine in the picture, but it looks very upscale. Clear gloss is the final trick to really achieve that expensive look.

    Remember the one I painted for my front porch a while back. See the shine, that's the way the white one looks too. Love these things.

    I found this little ceramic column or lift at GW. Again a couple of coats of 2 colors of green and now I have a piece to use to elevate anything I need to.

    I forgot to take a before pic, but it was this really shiny gold mottled finish. Not too pretty.

    Now for the REALLY HUGE METAMORPHOSIS. My son helped my grandson build a guitar while he was here. This is what they started with.

    He's got it all stained and a couple of coats of sealer on it and he's still sanding and fine tuning the finish. He did all the wiring, soldering and put a 15 coat hand rubbed finish on it.

    Still lots of hand rubbed finished coats to go, but he loves the color it turned out.

    All finished and just had his first jam session with my son. He's so proud and I am so proud of him. See the headstock, he signed his name before the final coats of clear went on. He said I want everyone to know that this is mine and I made it. When it was all done he and my son took it to the guitar shop in Phx. and the owner estimated the value at about $1500.00. He offered to buy it for $800.00. My grandson was just beaming, but of course it's not for sale.

    His brand new guitar completely hand made by him in his new case ready to take on the plane back to Oregon. I can't tell you how much fun it was to watch him as he worked on this every day. He is such a love and so talented. You should hear him rock. He is really, really good.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.

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Met Monday - A little of This and That

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