1/2 Price Day At Goodwill

    Today was 1/2 price day at Goodwill, and it was a zoo, but I did find some neat treasures.

    Three candlesticks. Kind of a bronze finish and I loved the detail and different sizes.

    Really pretty detail with the leaves and carvings. $4.00 for all three.

    Old world planter with pretty country scene on both sides. $2.00 (not bad)

    Basket to hang on the wall. For $1.00 I think it will work great when I redo the breakfast room, or maybe even on the patio.

    A planter full of mums. Perfect color and in really good shape. $1.50

    Next was a bag full of foliage. It was stapled together and all I could see was the feathers and orange, but for $1.50 It was full of fall colors.

    When I opened it up, there was a treasure trove of goodies inside. I sorted them by type and color and had a real bargain. Perfect colors to go with my familyroom redo.
    Love the oranges flowers, berries and wreath. (I think a lot of these things came from the Dollar Tree, but it was still a bargain.)

    Lime green flowers and berries.

    Orange and mustard gold foliage and berries.

    Quite a few feathers and some of them really long.

    I thought this was a ton of fun and all of this for only $10.00.

    Friday I went to my favorite discount fabric store and found some more fabric for the familyroom redo. A solid orange to go with my orange print, a mustard gold silk and some trims.

    It's still about 6 or 7 weeks until I can move all the furniture around, but I can start making pillows and gathering together some of the accessories I want to use in the room. Planning is half the fun anyway. I see an old world theme starting to emerge.

    Hope you are all having a fun day.

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1/2 Price Day At Goodwill

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