Master Bath & Closet

    I had a burst of energy this morning and decided today was the day to totally clean and purge the master bedroom closet.  Nothing fancy, very builder basic, just shelves and rods, but it does function.  I also thoroughly cleaned the bathroom and did a new floral arrangement for the vanity.  First let's look at the closet.  Huge Mess!!!

    As you enter the bathroom, you see the door on the left to the closet.  Enter at your own risk!!!

    This is what it looked like when I opened it this morning. Mess!!!! Our closet is an L shape with double rods on the right and across the back wall, 

    I think it all needs help.  Hubby has the double rods on the right and I have all the rest.  Seems fair to me.

    We have a wire storage shelf system next to the door as your turn left in the closet for our undies.

     The back wall of the L is a single rod.

    I am not too neat sometimes.

     The top of the single rod is where I store some Antique quilts and all of the extra pillows and bedding not in use.  This is a small house and the linen closet will not hold these things.  On the someday to-do list is to add a couple of shelves so it is easier to get what I want without taking it all down.

     After emptying 114 hangers and all but 11 of those items going to GW, I managed to clean, then organize things by color and how I use them. My suits and blazers are on the far right top and bottom rods where they don't take up prime real estate since I don't wear them very often.  This makes my everyday and play clothes front and center and so easy to see.  Every nook and corner was scrubbed and vacuumed.  It feels so much fresher.

    All of my trousers, skirts and dresses are organized on the back wall, and all of the shoes are in a hanging shoe caddy that you can't see, and organized on the shelf on the floor. 

    All of the undies have been gone through and organized.  I even color coordinated mine and my husbands socks.

    This looks and smells so much fresher.  I am so glad to have this job done.

    Now for the batthroom.  As you walk through the Master Bedroom , this is the first view of the bathroom that you have.

     Walk in, and this is the total view.  Not very big, super simple and definitely builder grade, but it works well for us.  Because it is small, I love the big mirror, it just seems to double the size.  Maybe a frame someday.

    All scrubbed and cleaned, now I am off to take a shower and clean me up. lol

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I always appreciate your visits.  I hope you all have a super weekend and holiday.

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Master Bath & Closet

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