Playing with Fabric

    With my newly acquired new to me white sofa, the wheels have been turning thinking about different color schemes that I could use that didn't work before with the tan sofa. This is the current look with the blue and gold.

    I have a lot of fabrics left from projects in previous houses that didn't work and so I pulled a few pieces out and started playing. This is one idea that might work.

    This one could be fun.

    This is another possibility. Maybe add some more lime green to the room.

    See this pillow that I am currently using, well a designer friend of mine taught me a trick - - - - -

    Do the back of the pillow differently. Then you can just turn it around for a totally different look. Here is the blue check with the toile. This could be fun too.

    Changing color schemes always takes me a while to warm up to, so playing with fabrics just seems like a good way to get a feel for something new. So what do you think? Which one do you think would be the most fun, or should I look for different fabrics altogether?

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Playing with Fabric

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