Playing Musical Sofas

    I have been looking for months for a new sofa for my familyroom but just havn't been able to find anything that I liked. The one in there now is plaid and I so don't like it. Then the unexpected happened.

    This is the sofa I've had in my living room for about 7 yrs. I really like it, however change is always good, right? So this one is going to the familyroom, and - - - -- -

    Well, this is going to replace it. I had a chance to buy this lovely sofa from my friend who is moving for a steal. It's a Miles Talbott cream cut chenille that she ordered from a designer 2 yrs. ago and just like new. It was always in her living room and I don't think they ever sat on it. The cream color is perfect with my alphabet chair. I like the lighter cream color, really lightens up the room. So now the old living room sofa can go to the family room. Just playing furniture musical sofas.

    This is what this end of the living room has looked like with the two chairs, but now I have one too many sofas for a while, so what to do.

    Well, here it is now for the next couple of months. Sofa's anyone? lol I will be giving the old plaid one in the familyroom to my son, so in the mean time I just had to make room. You know we girls just have to do what we have to do. lol

    When everything is all rearranged to the right rooms, I will show pics.

    Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to your visits.

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Playing Musical Sofas

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