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    Since I am trying to learn like a lot of you how to create interesting and chic vignettes for my walls and table tops, I found a book that I think everyone needs to have in their library. It is Christi Carter's Art of Accessorizing. She covers every single area in your home with beautiful pictures and step by step instructions. Amazon has used ones for $6.94

    I took pictures of one of her lessons that I thought everyone could relate to. #1 This picture shows a chest that is placed under a wall vignette of a mirror, basket of flowers on one side and two plates hung on the other side. She's also placed a lamp on one side of the chest. Her first lesson here is to choose a lamp that corresponds with the scale and size of the furniture and is tall enough to become part of the wall vignette.

    #2. To balance the lamp, choose something of similar height to go on the other side of the mirror. ( I am quoting from her book ) The two urns help balance the hefty weight of the wall basket, yet the plants are light and airy. A small tray in the center completes the arrangement.

    #3. This composition shifts the attention away from the mirror and to the ferns. The green vase attracts your attention and the neutral books on the side balance the top of the chest.

    #4.Using the tall urn again with the fern to create a height balance to the lamp, glass vases have been filled with flowers. The yellow daffodils placed in the center become the focal point.

    #5. Filling three pots of the same size with daisies and elevating one on the neutral books continue the monochromatic look of the vignette. The lamp has a couple of small pictures arranged at the base for some weight balance. Again, the daisies are the point of attention, not the wall vignette.

    #6.The same principal applies in this picture with the roses. Notice the differing heights of the vases. Make sure something is tall enough to balance the lamp.

    #7. Using all white, this is a more formal arrangement using two matching topiaries to anchor the mirror, with a smaller one in the center. Ironstone, candles and pictures round out the theme. Notice the small green plant on the left corner. This helps to ground the topiaries to the table top.

    This book is full of all kind of lessons such as this one. Even though you might not be using the items she is showing or the style of decor that she shows, the basic lessons are wonderful. Love this book. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

    Thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate your visits.

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Designers Vignette Tutorial

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